Our Ethos

With our Protestant background, Rathdown is a Christian school in which the traditions and values of the Christian faith are nurtured and developed.

We welcome members of all faiths in the School’s spiritual and worshipping life, along with those of no religious affiliation.

Our policy is to promote understanding and respect for the sincerely held beliefs of all. We believe that a good, rounded education is essential to the moral, social, emotional, cultural and academic development of each individual student.

The School’s overriding objective is to enable the girls to reach a position where they can make informed choices about personal faith and related matters for themselves, thus contributing to the wellbeing and moral development of society as a whole.

We create, for every girl, an environment with the space to inspire, challenge, encourage and nurture her to develop her full potential to become the amazing person she can be in this rapidly changing world, with friends for life. Each student is encouraged to develop self-esteem, intellectual curiosity, confidence without arrogance, care and respect for others, independence, excellence in all she does and a love of life.