First in Ireland! Eight Exams on Eight Instruments in One Day..... and four Honours and four Distinctions!

Never done in Ireland before, on 4th November Ms Rice is the Deputy Principal of Rathdown School undertook eight music grade exams (one after the other) on eight different instruments (never having had any lessons on five of those instruments!). The instruments included: bassoon, clarinet, descant recorder, flute, Irish harp, piano, tenor saxophone and violin. Having practiced hard for the week of midterm break, it was a gruelling day but she did it! We are now delighted to announce that she was successful in her challenge and was awarded no less than four Honours and four Distinctions! An amazing achievement. 

If you would like to support her Habitat for Humanity fundraising, donations to the fundraising campaign can be made by dropping cash to the Rathdown Senior School Office (marked FAO Ms Rice – Habitat) or through this page:

In recent years Rathdown School has established a close link with Habitat for Humanity, an international charity whose primary aim is to provide affordable housing for those in need around the world. The school has to date sent seven teams of students and staff to Romania to live and work on construction sites, where they work alongside the families who will later live in the homes they help to build. The teams work hard throughout the year prior to their trip to fundraise for everything they will need for their trip. This year will be Ms Rice’s eighth trip with Rathdown and Habitat, so she decided to hatch a fundraising plan incorporating the number 8.

Congratulations Ms Rice on a wonderful achievement.